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My mum died over a year ago now and despite the passage of time, I still miss her terribly.  I knew I would; we were very close.  Aged 52 my amazing mum donated her kidney to save me from a life on dialysis!  That alone, I imagine, gives you some idea of our relationship.

So why am I telling you this?  Well when I sat down to write this, I thought if I was going to tell you ‘about me’ then it should be the uncensored truth about who I am and what I value and believe in.  To understand that you need to understand my life; where I’ve been and where I’m going.

When The First Storm Hit

When I was fifteen I became ill; really ill. It took me several months and a medically negligent GP to get me there, but those few weeks changed the course of my life and from that moment on, I was destined to spend my life battling ill health.  I’m naturally a pretty resilient person, but I know I wouldn’t have made it without my mum. It was her gargantuan efforts alone that kept me alive, despite being dismissed as ‘hysterical’, patronised by a seemingly endless line of incompetent and misogynistic doctors; her stoic resolve finally paid off and she managed to get me seen by someone who could help. I was admitted to hospital and finally diagnosed. Once in the hands of these brilliant people, although by now I was near death, against the odds they saved my life.

I was lucky to survive Wegener’s granulomatosis (yes, I’d never heard of it either) but as a consequence, my schooling was cut short.  Aged seventeen,  I emerged from the worst effects of the disease with sod all in the way of qualifications and physically a total mess.  I’d lost all my hair; my face was bloated like a football from steroids and the Wegener’s had not only mashed my kidneys, but destroyed the cartilage in my nose so I looked like a prize fighter who’d taken on one too many fights.

When I went back to my school to say hello to fellow students and teachers, my form teacher, who’d known me for over five years, didn’t even recognise me.  That’s when it dawned on me the enormity of what had happened to me.

By nineteen,  I’d had an op to repair my face and my hair had regrown.  However, I freely admit my self-esteem was basically buggered.  But did I mention resilience?

Over the next 15 years, in between hospital visits and taking enough meds to start my own pharmacy, I dug in, studied my backside off and eventually got some basic qualifications;.  I eventually gained an honours degree in English Language with the Open University, one of the most challenging exercises in self discipline I have ever faced.  It took me 4 years but I did it.  By the age of thirty I was doing pretty well working as a CIPD qualified learning and development professional.

I weathered a couple of redundancies and eventually started my own business.  By then MOS certified and also delivering soft skills workshops, I found work relatively easily, the only drawback was that it was almost entirely through 3rd party training providers.

Any good trainer offers a wealth of knowledge and skill always striving to give people the best learning experience they can.  We work long hours either training, self-educating or researching material that will enrich and inspire our clients.  But if you do that as an ‘associate’ trainer you basically watch someone else take a percentage of your fee so large, that it’s difficult to make a living.  Why would anyone put up with that you might ask?!  Good question. Because I was just crap at marketing myself in order to get my clients directly.  Zero self-belief; no experience of doing it and no idea how to get it.  Because of this unreasoned fear about pretty much everything to do with selling my ‘brand’, I literally paid the price.

You know I’m thinking whilst writing this; I’m pretty sure I’m not alone here?  It sucks doesn’t it?  Maybe you’re slogging away at a job that frankly doesn’t reflect the future you saw for yourself or as in my case, are suffering the indignity of constantly being undervalued by people with usually half your ability or talent, but who don’t let fear get in their way.

Of course nobody has a trouble free life, so before long I was facing yet another challenge.  Having just survived an extremely difficult divorce, I was thirty-five when my first transplant began to fail.  The next decade was spent on renal dialysis.  Determined not to be beaten by this setback, I found a way to dialyse over-night, so I could still continue to work, but I won’t lie, it was hard, both physically and mentally.  From that point on I never got a good foothold on my career.  My earnings were heavily curtailed and eventually I had to sell my house and return to my parents.  Thank G-d for them right?

You Just Have To Keep Going

I hadn’t been idle during this time though and continued to invest in my education, studying coaching with a Level 5 Diploma in Performance Coaching with NLP, accredited by the National Council of Psychotherapists. And may I say, it was inspirational; exciting and turned me into an NLP nut.  Just loved it!  But whilst it dovetailed beautifully into all my communication skills training, I still felt trapped by my own inadequacy when it came to self-promotion.

My coaching and training skills give me plenty of opportunity to support and help other people, something that brings me untold reward and fulfilment.  I coach and train all kinds of behavioural related things, be it finding greater confidence in public speaking to positively managing your emotions.  Apparently however, when it comes to helping myself I don’t always follow my own advice.

Eventually my number finally came up (in a good way) and I was lucky enough to get a second transplant.  I won’t bore you with the details, but it worked well enough for 8 years or so.  The truth of it is however, they don’t last a lifetime I’m afraid. 

Anyway, during the last few of years of my parents’ lives, they became increasingly dependent on me for help with the normal day to day stuff and my working life became even more precarious, to the point where they were more or less supporting me, so I could be around to take care of them.

When S**t Got Real

Less than two years after my dad died, mum developed terminal lung cancer.  Diagnosed that February, she died 2 months later and I found myself adrift and alone.  No one to care for.  No one needed me.  I was without direction and very little income.  Perhaps unsurprisingly, it occurred to me that if I didn’t start taking my life back, I’d be facing a very uncertain financial future.  No parents to fall back on and limited choices with regards to earning a living.  I won’t lie to you, I was pretty panicked.  I had visions of ending up in social care, totally reliant on the state, not something I ever envisaged would figure in my future.

I thought, right Lesley, you’d better get your sh*t together here.  You’ve got to get a handle on marketing yourself online.  I’d already gone to the expense, and frankly at the time torture, of designing my own website for my business www.pdtraininguk.com a couple of years before and then sat like a numpty waiting for the phone to start ringing.  Guess what; didn’t happen!

Finding Salvation With Six Figure Mentors

It was time yet again to take action.  Desperate to improve my ability to self promote, one rather dull summer’s afternoon I was trawling through t’interweb and stumbled across a YouTube video of Dan, a young guy who was talking about learning digital marketing and how a business called Six Figure Mentors (SFM) had catapulted his life into one of success and financial independence.  Now just so you know,  I’m sceptical and suspicious by nature, as cynical an audience as any would-be marketer is likely to encounter.  One thing I will always do however, is listen.   If they haven’t lost me to boredom or disbelief in the first couple of minutes, I’ll stay with it…

It was just something in the way he described his belief in this company and the outstanding learning platform they offered.  So you know what?  Cautiously I took the next step and frankly there was no real jeopardy at this stage, the training they were offering was FREE!  Yep, zero outlay! Grudgingly I admit, I got a bit inspired.  So, I took another step and then another. 

Then I got annoyed.  The other shoe just refused to drop.  I’d stare at videos of this guy Stuart Ross and mumble at the screen ‘come on then, let’s have it…what’s the catch?’  On he’d go.  ‘Are you prepared to work hard because that’s what it’s going to take?’  Yep, no problem.  ‘Can you be dedicated to the process?’  Sure, I can do that.  ‘Are you capable of single-minded focus?’  Don’t you know me at all?!

By the time I’d reached Module 4 in their training program, my heart was literally pounding out of my chest with the possibility of it all.  That I…I could actually make this work for me.  It was no longer just about being able to market myself and my business, if I really harnessed what SFM was offering, I could actually make enough money, not just to live on, but to open my world up in a way I had NEVER even dared to imagine for myself.

Two years ago I found an alternative way of generating an income that save me professionally and gave me a future. My needs were modest, but I found so much more.

No office to travel to, but freedom to work pretty much where I wanted to (this was a must have right out the gate).

It meant less working hours, allowing me a breather when I needed it.

An income that at least replaced what I had been earning. 

Exciting, Inspiring and worthwhile

No large start up costs

No years of retraining

Kiss goodbye to very limited time for family, friends, and have holidays that can be longer than two weeks if you feel like it.

Looking To The Future

The journey with SFM has been exciting, scary, exhausting and thrilling in equal measure.  But it’s provided me with invaluable help building my business and more importantly for me, shed the bleak rather pathetic future of just getting by.  I felt like someone just nuked that image right out of my head. I’m part of an SFM community currently over 3500 strong; all of us on the same journey and it’s been quite a ride. The support and generosity of fellow SFM members is, certainly in my experience, unprecedented. Never before have I found a learning experience so all encompassing in terms of resources and support. I can only describe it as seeing a mad crowd of happy, successful people waving at me from a not too distant horizon. They’re beckoning me to join them; inviting me to dive into a life that can be whatever I want it to be.  Doesn’t matter if I have to hook up to a dialysis machine now does it?  Not if I’ve got this thing nailed down. 

Quotes to Motivate You to Get Out of Bed

I’m 18 months in, but if you’re expecting to hear that I’m already a multi millionaire and writing this from  a sun loungers on some exotic beach; then I’m afraid not. Not quite there yet. But I am well on the way! All I started with was a need to earn a half decent income and the freedom to choose how I spend my time. There is nothing better than waking up looking forward to your day, even on days when I am pretty shattered from dialysis. Even on those days I can’t wait to get moving.

COVID 19 – Getting Plugged In And Online More Important Than Ever

I now combine my time working as a life coach, soft skills trainer and affiliate marketer.  I know a laptop lifestyle isn’t for everyone, but the freedom if offers?  Wow!  And now more than ever it’s a choice worth considering, given how the world has shifted since the COVID 19 pandemic hit.  It’s made getting plugged in and online more important than ever.  For someone like me who’s working life was already dogged by restrictions, learning online marketing has literally saved my professional life.  It’s allowed me to be able to take care of myself and live my best life possible, no matter what!

Goal / Plan / Action

So there you have it. My life laid bare. And yes, I have ended up back on dialysis…hoping some day to be lucky enough to have another transplant. But in the meantime life goes on.

You know, whatever you’re looking for in your own life, if I’ve learned anything on my own journey it’s this:

You need to set some goals and make a plan. Then most importantly, take action! Maybe you’re one of the lucky few who can overcome life’s obstacles unaided, but if not, why not take the first step and get in touch. The support and help you need is right here. Isn’t it your turn to get what you want from life. Whether that’s working with SFM or you just need help with confidence, self esteem, overcoming limiting beliefs. I’m here to help you make that happen.

If, by the way, you want to know how I got started working in affiliate marketing, then fill your boots. Just check out SFM’s FREE VIDEO SERIES WORKSHOPS and there you’ll see where my first steps began.  You’ll be given some insight into what SFM can offer, as well as valuable information and access to their free training offer. 

You know the American clergyman and author Phillip Brooks , said, “We are haunted by an ideal life…because we have within us the beginning and the possibility of it.

Kinda think he’s got a point, don’t you?

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Lesley Hornsby

Lesley Hornsby

I’m certified in life coaching with NLP, as well as a CIPD qualified learning and development professional, running my own personal development business. I enjoy sharing tips and advice with people to enhance their own life experience and learn new ways to positively navigate their lives.